How to Get An Arizona Contractors License

The process of getting an Arizona Contractors License begins with the understanding that all persons working in the Arizona construction industry are required by law to obtain a current and active license. Much like a driver's license, the Arizona Contractors License grants legal status to perform some skill and/or trade.


At we have developed a computer based licensing system. We fill out and process all of the paperwork required to obtain the Arizona Contractors License. The license application, when completed, has many documents. They must be filled out correctly to prevent it from being rejected. You provide the information, we provide the results. In licensing, our staff must work hand in hand with the Arizona Department of Revenue, the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Arizona Secretary of State, the Internal Revenue Service and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Our staff hand delivers all applications to the State as required. We do it all!! Following are the basic steps in the licensing process.


Step 1: Work Experience


The Arizona Registrar of Contractors REQUIRES actual on-the-job training experience to verify a work history for any contractor license applicant. Most trades require 2 to 4 years of full time, journeyman level documented experience. The work experience forms are furnished by our office and we will assist you in their completion. They are then attached to the contractor license application prior to submission. Falsification of ANY INFORMATION is a FELONY!! Click here for work experience and testing requirements.


Step 2: Studying & Testing




All contractors are required to take and pass a Business Management Exam. This test is composed of 80 randomly selected test questions at the state testing authority, PSI Testing. We offer a complete test preparation for this exam. Clients study at their own pace and schedule. Computer based test review speeds up the learning process. Studying can be done at any of our locations and/or Online.


Many licenses require the qualifying party to pass a trade test. Our trade preparation courses are all inclusive with NO BOOKS to BUY! This saves you hundreds of dollars. All books recommended by the testing company are available to use in our office as often as you wish. You are also able to check the books out to take into your actual test with you. In this, we are very unique. Passing the test(s) will NOT make you legal in the State of Arizona. Passing scores are only one of the requirements needing to be completed BEFORE applying for the license. Arizona does NOT have a "License Pending" exemption.


Step 3: Company Setup & Application Processing


In Arizona, the license is not issued to any one individual. The license is actually issued to the COMPANY. Therein, a name has to be created and approved by many state agencies before it can be used by the business. We do the ENTIRE name process for you. Copies of all certificates are provided for you upon completion of the license. Give us a few names you're considering for your business and let us get started. We will setup your Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation to simplify Licensing. We will save you time and money!!


Click here to learn about the differences in company structures.