Our Contractor License Bonds are "INSTANT ISSUE". What does this mean for you? It means that 1) You get your bond the same day you pay for it 2) There are NO qualifications or underwriting requirements 3) NO CREDIT CHECK means that your price is not dependent on your credit history and getting a bond does not harm your credit score by having it checked. WE WILL NOT RUN YOUR CREDIT. OUR NO CREDIT CHECK PRICES BEAT THE COMPETITORS PERFECT CREDIT SCORE PRICES!!


We take this one step further and offer our Preferred Rate Program. This program does require a credit check but it is a soft inquiry and will not show to creditors that you had an inquiry on your credit. By going through this program you will get the same great bond and fast service with the potential of saving!!


The Arizona Registrar of Contractors requires that every contractor obtain a license bond based on yearly work sales volume. For work over a million dollars per year, call (602) 242-2222 for prices.


To obtain a new bond, please click here. The bond will be issued and mailed within 24 hours. If you need the bond immediately, please visit our office at 6717 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85015 and you can walk out with the bond.**




**All license and tax bonds can be issued the same day