General Liability Insurance is not a requirement by the State of Arizona but is almost ALWAYS required by the people you do work for.  Other contractors, project owners, and customers will ask for proof of insurance.  In some instances you will begin a project without showing proof of insurance and at completion be required to provide proof before collecting payment.  This leaves many contractors scrambling to find insurance quickly.


At we work with companies who WANT to work with contractors.  This is beneficial to our customers because they get the best policies at the best price with the best coverage.  Other insurance companies will try to disguise a sub-par policy by showing you a policy with the same general limits at a smaller price but they usually will not cover the majority of the work being performed.  All of our policies come with a "Blanket Additional Insured" endorsement.  In construction, almost every person you work with or for will ask for you to name them as additional insured on your insurance policy.  On average these certificates cost $150-$275 PER CERTIFICATE.  Our policies include unlimited certificates.  This is a HUGE SAVINGS!


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